November 8th, 2021

SILICON introduces SILICON Asia

We are very happy to introduce our new sister company – SILICON Asia.
Check out our website also now in Japanese.

Wouter Garot, CEO of the SILICON Group and Tomomi Yashima, Director of SILICON Asia - personally introduce our new branch to you.

“Dear Valued Customers in Japan and Asia,

I had the pleasure to establish SILICON Asia in December 2020.

I felt it was necessary, after 40 years of experience in the Petrochemical and Cement industries to direct our focus to the Asian market and share the success of our products and service with our clients in this region. I feel that success cannot be limited to certain parties and should be shared as a global advancement for the whole industry as ‘knowledge = power’ as we say in The Netherlands, and we wish to empower our customers around the world so that they may have a better control of their own equipment when it comes to operating their Refineries, Cement plants and other high temperature applications.

Our products have been 100% successful in all applications that we have installed. It has resulted in cost savings close to $1Billion over the last 10 years for all our customers without any exceptions. We also have many references for you to refer to for your own decision making. Our products are especially suited to maintain older installations despite of considerations you may have. Our engineering and metallurgical support in this refractory anchoring section is beyond that of any company has given to these industries in the last 70 years.

It will be my pleasure to meet each one of you in the near future and be able to hear about the wins you have had as well, as our goal is only to help YOUR industry move forward.

I look forward hearing from you and you can count on the fact that your questions will get our utmost attention.

Warm welcome to our new colleagues from SILICON Asia. let's start a new SILICON chapter together!

Yours sincerely,

Wouter Garot B.Sc.

“SILICON Asia was established in 2020 December to make a breakthrough to the region's most conservative and protected market sectors, such as Oil and chemicals.

Our four members have +10 years of experience in the international business, plant industries and are familiar with SILICON and Rapid Arc Welding technology.

We are thrilled and excited to join the team of SILICON, and We hope to see everyone in person very soon.

Yours sincerely,

Tomomi Yashima
Director SILICON Asia

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